Film Series

As an extra bonus for our 2019 Festival, we're bringing back our film series! On Sunday, May 5th, you'll be able to enjoy some of our collection of Ukulele Documentaries produced over the last decade. 

Sunday, May 5th - 11:30 AM

The Jumping Flea

66 Minutes

An artful exploration of the ukulele, from its beginnings as a Portuguese folk instrument, its introduction to Hawaii in 1879, and the spread of popularity around the world. Paul Kraus, filmmaker and ukulele builder, takes us behind the scenes to meet some of the most influential ukulele builders and players today.

Jumping Flea Poster
Sunday, May 5th - 1:00PM

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings

54 minutes

This intimate documentary gives viewers a singular glimpse into Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele virtuoso, but also Jake, the young boy who grew up in a modest apartment to a single mother and unsuspectingly rose to international stardom.

Life on Four Strings Poster
Sunday, May 5th - 2:30 PM

Under the Boardwalk

75 Minutes

This heartfelt documentary shines a well deserved light not only on the ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, but also on the very real pleasure that comes from making music with others. In focusing on Santa Cruz, the film reveals one of the key reasons for the current global resurgence of the ukulele. The film chronicles the history, community, and joyous spirit on the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. Under the Boardwalk explores how an eclectic community of amateur musicians comes together to find meaning in life's little pleasures.

Under the Boardwalk Poster