Abe Deshotel

Abe Deshotel aka "Ukulele Abe"

Abe Deshotel, aka Ukulele Abe, amplifies the experiences of life with his ukulele. Seeing and feeling positivity in the world around him, he captures this essence in his songwriting. Defying what you think the ukulele can do, he creates a full sound to capture a wide spectrum of human emotion, from peaceful innocence to profound joy.

Abe’s debut EP, “Without You”, out May 1, 2018, was recorded at Plaid Dog Recording in Boston. The first single from the album, Without You, paints an ambient landscape with the delicate overlay of piano, guitar and drums, which converge into a sound that pulses with one’s own heart. The six-track EP applies a mix of acoustic and reverb effects to create a sense of time, space and mood. A diverse arrangement of songs, influences of rock, pop, soul and reggae underpin the uplifting vibrations. Support and excitement for the album has been strong, with 103% of the cost being supported by Abe’s fans via crowd-funding, and radio airplay already being gained for the pre-release single.

With performance credits at a number of festivals and venues including Blackrock Porchfest, BCSF, Bridgeport Hope School Harvest Fest, BPT Creates, and Home Grown Music Cafe, Abe brings his positive spirit to his live shows. He is also a member of the band Prideswell, as both the songwriter and ukulele player. Not just skilled on the uke, his piano and bass playing are featured on his upcoming album as well.