Soiree Blog

2017 Design coming along!

As you may have seen, we've been updating Facebook, our website, and other places with our new design for 2017. My good friend Jamie at Zoo Design Works was able to whip this up for us. Jamie also designed our 2015 poster. We're finalizing some details with the poster proper, but for now, we've added the main design elements to the internet. An adapted version of this design will also be featured on our tshirts this year!

Hotels Posted

We've posted the local hotel list. We were unable to secure a reduced block rate this year, mainly because we could not guarentee the quantity of rooms they wanted booked. So we've provided a nice list of hotels within a short drive of the Laurel Lodge along with their approximate costs

OF COURSE you could always stay at the Lodge too! For only $75 for 2 nights, you won't miss a second of the Uke action going on at the Soiree :) If you know you're travelling with friends or on a budget, staying at the lodge is the most economical solution by far :)

New Artist Added

Ben CarrWe've added another face to our already impressive lineup - Ben Carr! Ben is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who has been on the scene for a few years now. I'm very glad that we're finally able to have him at the Soiree. Welcome Ben!