Learning the Ukulele Fingerboard

Learning the Ukulele Fingerboard - It is astonishing that on any other instrument it would be silly and not accepted to not know the names of the notes and where they are on your own instrument. But - on the ukulele, guitar and most fretted instruments their players do not know the names intuitively - they can figure them out but that takes way too long. Granted it's not as easy as the piano where higher and lower notes move in one direction only, are color coded and even at different heights. Anyone after the first or second lesson can instantly name any key on the piano. On ukulele as well as the guitar there are duplicate notes - the same note on different strings and music can mover horizontally along a string as well as vertically across the strings. Make for a lot of flexibility for note choices and there in lies the problem - the choices.

This workshop is guaranteed to take the mystery out of the ukulele fingerboard and have you a lot closer to actually knowing the name of every note on the fingerboard and instantly recall it. Memorizing the notes of the ukulele fingerboard is not as hard as one would think. Although there doesn't seem to be any pattern and the same letter can be found on every string. There is a systematic approach that can be used to help remember the notes.

You'll get more out of actually knowing the names of the notes of the fingerboard than most things you have to memorize. It will actually cut out the number of shapes you have to memorize.

Skill Level: 
All Levels
Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:15am - 10:15am