Chord Efficiency

To get the most out of this workshop, being comfortable holding most of the basic chords found in the first three (3) frets will greatly help. Players that can hold chords beyond the 3rd fret will also benefit from this workshop.

This workshop will teach you how to improve your transitions between chords using the Chord Efficiency technique. We will first analyze and brainstorm different ways to hold common chords. Then, I will cover one of my personal techniques that can go hand in hand with Chord Efficiency. Finally, we will apply what we learned to common chord progressions to not only improve our transitions, but to potentially make it easier to play and sound cleaner in the process.

Completion of this workshop will have you thinking of different ways to hold your favorite, or not so favorite chords, while also thinking critically on how we can efficiently transition from one chord to another.

10:00 am
Kittanning Room
Advanced Beginner