The Bo Diddley Rhythmic Strumming Workshop

Learn the “Bo Diddley” beat, a syncopated Afro-Cuban rhythm found in many popular rock and roll songs such as Not Fade Away by Buddy Holly, Faith by George Michael, Magic Bus by the Who, and Marie’s the Name by Elvis Presley among many others. It was popularized by Bo Diddley in his self-titled song, “Bo Diddley”, but has since become so widely used that the beat is simply known around the world by musicians as the “Bo Diddley.” To achieve this rhythm, we will be exploring left handed muting techniques, chunking, and strumming with all four of our fingers to get the most explosive and percussive sound. Emphasis will also be placed on teaching the student how “to hear the beat.”

Pre-requisite: Students should have mastered several strumming patterns and be able to change easily between common open position chords. It is helpful if they can fret a Bb chord.

Allegheny Room
Advanced Beginner
09:30 am