How To Read And Write A Chord Chart

Have you ever wondered how professional musicians perform an unknown piece of music; a song they've never heard before?  Typically they are handed a sheet of music, they take a few quick glances at it, the band leader counts off the song and they immediately play the song. Can a hobbyist musician do this? Does one need to spend years learning music theory and perfecting sight-reading skills?

Yes they can and no, years of training are not needed.  The secret is learning to read and write a standard chord chart.   We will learn the universal agreed-upon standard for "charting" a tune.  This skill will allow you to share your music with any musician world wide.

This fun and easy class is open to all levels.  If you own a pencil and can count to four you are more than ready for this class.  No music theory needed. No music reading required.


Ballroom A
All Levels
03:00 pm