"My My How Can I Resist You" - Exploring the songs and popularity of ABBA

ABBA’s songs continue to endure almost 5 decades after the band debuted. From their Greatest hits to ABBA Gold, the runaway success of Mamma Mia and now the reunion album Voyage they have served as the soundtrack to our lives.  Can you actually break down scientifically why the music is so irresistible and understand the key to writing an enduring hit?

In this workshop we will look at the structure of the songs, the science of our emotional response to music and have some fun playing and singing along to the favourites.

In addition to being a singer songwriter Katy Vernon sings the role of Agnetha in a successful Abba cover band ‘AbbaSolutely Fab’ in Minnesota.

All levels welcomed

Ballroom A
All Levels
11:30 am