Performance Tricks from Unexpected Sources

Feel a little stuck inside the ukulele box? Want to bring some unique flair to your performance? Want to know how performers get their confidence? Mim has had the opportunity to perform with unique artists from around the world. Coming from outside the "ukulele world" they often bring unique insights on what it takes to be a performer, how to hone your craft, how to interact with crowds, and how to think outside the box!

Using games, discussion, and a fun power point we will talk about what you can learn from unlikely sources! From award-winning clowns, vaudeville, Branson Strip Performers, UK buskers, Comedians, to Bubbologists... Mim will share their best advice, tips, and tricks! All levels of skill and experience are welcome! Mim loves to teach supportive and inclusive workshops that will hopefully help you realize that you too can perform, whether it be for Open Mics, festivals, or in out-of-the-box venues!

This workshop will be similar to the From Seat to Stage Workshop, but with all new inspirations! So come ready to set some goals and hopefully leave with some new ideas!

11:30 am
Ballroom A
All Levels