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Absolute Beginners: Fresh Out of the Box

Got a ukulele? Let’s go! Beginners will learn playing position, thumb and pointer finger strumming, and 4 chords in the Key of C. We’ll play through a number of songs, culminating in a 3-4 chord masterpiece that will have you humming all day long.

Amber Rozel Novice, Beginner
Blues and Oldtime Ukulele This is another intermediate course (though slightly more approachable) that requires the participants to be comfortable with basic techniques. In this we go over clawhammer style, as well as three strumming patterns typical to the blues. Christopher Davis-Shannon Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Hawaiian Songs

Some ukulele players shy away from songs in Hawaiian, and miss out on some amazing songs.  This workshop will teach the basic Hawaiian pronunciation, and attendees will learn a variety of traditional Hawaiian songs, both in English and Hawaiian.

Hollie Mendenhall All Levels
Jazz Ukulele for Everyone

This is a crash course for beginners even if they feel jazz is out of their reach. I go over basic strumming patterns, common chords(almost entirely open position for this), and we learn three simple tunes together (five foot two, bye bye blackbird, and paper moon)

Christopher Davis-Shannon Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Making the Most of High G

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of the Campanella playing style and making the most of a high G for playing melodies and arrangements.

Abe Deshotel Intermediate, Advanced
Proper Care and Feeding of Your Ukulele

Hey! What exactly is a set-up, anyway? Why does my ukulele buzz? How do I fix it? What does my ukulele want from me? Mim will be breaking down the mysterious “set-up” everyone talks about!

Mim All Levels
Ragtime & Swing Ukulele This is an intermediate course, and requires participants to be familiar with basic quarter and eighth note strums, as well as comfortable with fully closed chord voicings. Christopher Davis-Shannon Intermediate, Advanced
Singing and Strumming This class for beginners covers strategies to conquer the mountain of singing and strumming at the same time. We’ll use familiar popular and folk songs to get you up and running by the end of class. Amber Rozel Novice, Beginner
Ukulele Jumpstart!

This class is for anyone in the first 2 years of their ukulele journey. We will explore the fundamentals you need to jump start your playing as you get started with the ukulele. Understanding tablature, strumming, melodies, picking, music theory, singing and more!

Nicole Keim Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Title Description Instructor Level
Got UAS? Ukulele Buying Tips

UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) is a serious thing. We can help! Based on her well-reviewed Ukulele Underground Podcast, Mim will lead the class in a discussion of what to look for when buying a new ukulele.

Mim All Levels
Hooray, You Learned A Song! Now What?

What do musicians do after they have learned a song?  They arrange it! This workshop will go over simple tricks to turn a song into a performance-ready masterpiece.  Topics will include introductions, interludes (transitions between song sections), instrumental breaks, and codas/outro endings.

Hollie Mendenhall Intermediate, Advanced
Intros and Endings Want to spice up your performances? Learn how to create a great intros and tags using chords, lyrics, and melody playing. We’ll run through the mechanics of creating the basic format as well as using a few of the classic blues turnarounds. Amber Rozel Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Reading Sheet Music

This is a workshop for anyone wanting to start reading music. I cover the basics of sheet music and the most important things you need to know to start playing any song by note.

Abe Deshotel Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Transcribing to Make Great Arrangements

This workshop is for anyone wanting to gain skills to be able to arrange any song for their voice and uke. We cover basics of capo usage, but focus primarily on considerations for arranging music: vocal range, key, scales, fingerings, etc.

Abe Deshotel Intermediate, Advanced
Transposing for ​YOU! Ever have trouble singing a song because it is too high or too low? Don’t skip it! Learn how to find your singing range and how to move your tune to a key that is comfortable for your range. We’ll go about with and without a capo. Amber Rozel Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Title Description Instructor Level
Set Your Voice Free

Students in this class will explore different aspects of singing using a variety of folk songs. We'll briefly discuss proper vocal production, vocal health, breath support and technique, but mostly we'll just sing! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us.

Nicole Keim All Levels
Title Description Instructor Level
Uke Bass Bass-ics

Milo will teach the basics of the bass, including sample bass lines, basic technique, and the notes of the fingerboard, so that you can start playing with a group as soon as possible!

Milo Fultz All Levels
Title Description Instructor Level
Uke Bass Bass-ics (Repeat)

Milo will teach the basics of the bass, including sample bass lines, basic technique, and the notes of the fingerboard, so that you can start playing with a group as soon as possible!

Milo Fultz All Levels