Steve Says:

"This was my second Soirée. I can’t wait for the third. Well organized with workshops beneficial for all levels and world class entertainment thrown in! Just a fun weekend attended by great people!"

Suzanne Says:

"The Allegheny Ukulele Soirée is an extraordinary musical experience on all levels."

Marsha Says:

"I look forward to the Soirée every year. I need to stop buying ukuleles. I'm out of space."

Hannah Says:

"Highly recommended. This year was my first, I will be back and I will bring more people with me next year!"

Carol Says:

"Everyone was friendly and encouraging. The level of the entertainment and instruction was top notch! I am looking forward to returning!"

Gail Says:

"Great people, great fun, great workshops, Great jams and amazing organizers."

Elaine Says:

"Wonderful, well planned event! The performers and workshops were A-level. Everyone was well received and well treated. The enthusiasm, hard work and dedication of the organizers resulted in a fun and educational weekend. 2023 was my first year. I will be there next year!"

Michele Says:

"My husband and I attended this years soiree for the first time. We drove from Brick New Jersey, which was a five hour ride. We were very pleasantly surprised how well organized and well attended it was. We enjoyed all of the entertainment! So fun."

Steve Says:

"I am a newbie to Ukulele. I decided to attend just to see what it was all about and to see if I could pick up anything. What a blast! Friendly and helpful people were everywhere. The event was extremely well organized with a great selection of instructors and vendors. 2024 dates are already on my calendar. Wonderful event for any level!"

Mary Says:

"Excellent festival. Very well organized with something for everyone. I learned something at every workshops and the presenters were well prepared and available to answer questions. All in all - a wonderful event!"

Susanne Says:

"Always a great gathering of the ukulele community…a lot to learn and a lot of fun doing it!"

Susanne Says:

"The Allegheny Soirée is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best ukulele players in a comfortable environment. There is a great sense of community among the attendees. All in all a fantastic weekend!"

John Says:

"An outstanding festival for ukulele players, both beginners and experienced. The ability to interact face-to-face with the amazing guest performers, other uke players, and vendors was invaluable."

Coleen Says:

"Whether you've played ukulele for years or just picked one up, noodle alone at home or perform on stage with a group, you HAVE to go to the Soiree! It's a weekend of fun & learning with some fantastic like-minded uke enthusiasts. The performances are world-class, the workshops are incredible & the organizers are the best I've seen. Can't wait to go every year!"

Bonnie Says:

"The Soirée should win an award for the best organized ukulele festival!"

Marcie Says:

"Wonderful Festival for Uke players of all levels. Well worth traveling to and looking forward to 2020!"

Anonymous Says:

"Allegheny Ukulele Soiree is an incredibly well organized ukulele event with top talent. The staff are amazing, as fellow ukulele enthusiasts, they are dedicated to attendees getting the most possible out of the soiree. There's so much to enjoy and experience, I would recommend this event to anyone remotely interested in ukulele."

Deb Says:

"The Soiree is a great program to attend. It is well organized, with a great deal of expertise, thoughtful planning and reasonable fees. Well seasoned presenters make the sessions productive and organized!"

Robin Says:

"Thanks to the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective for putting together a "Top Notch Soirée" with great talent, workshops and performers, it was so well organized! So glad I attended the 2019 Soirée and will be back in 2020! "

Jeff Says:

"2019 Soiree is the only thing that could beat the 2018 Soiree! Great fun, nice people, wonderful music."

Steve & Yvonne Says:

"The workshops we attended were superb - can’t say enough about them and couldn’t even image more perfect sessions! Informative, entertaining, clear and concise. They managed their time perfectly, Did not stray off topic, and provide just the right amount of information - not overly complex! Well done."

Beth Says:

"This was my second time at the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree and I loved it all over again! The sessions were educational, the people kind and welcoming, the vendors had great things to buy and the concerts were awesome. I can't wait to see what next year brings!"

Paul Says:

"I was a bit on the fence about going because a lot of Uke Fests are kinda dusty with old tunes and people strumming and noodling all over the place. This Soirée was nothing like I have ever done before. So many classes on theory, singing, mikes and video, and things I had never done before. Learning from some of the best and them watching them play at night was pretty cool. I still can't believe how much I learned from the classes and from the other attendees. Good group of people, very welcoming and fun."

Sam Says:

"My first ukulele festival (been playing a few months shy of a year), and it was a winner. The performances were excellent, and the workshops were intensive — and everyone involved was friendly and accessible. Thanks to all involved...Stoked for next year!"

Betsy Says:

"Top notch! Fantastic instructors! Very enthusiastic, informative and knowledgeable. Superb presentations. I learned so much this weekend"

Mitch Says:

"The Allegheny [Ukulele] Soirée is a ukulele smorgasbord...something for every age, talent level, social friends are there"

Lisa Says:

"My second year attending was even better than the first! Great instructors, imparting lots of knowledge. A good variety - something for everyone!"

Hollie Says:

"This festival is well run, feels intimate, and really helped grow my skills and push me to be a better player. I love the teaching artists, and the jams were fun!"

Gretchen Says:

"I laughed so hard and learned so much!"