Neal Chin

Award winning artist and Maui, HI native Neal Chin, has been both an ‘ukulele educator and performer over the course of his musical career of 19 years. His clear and direct enthusiasm for music has come to life in countless workshops, concerts, and private instruction.

Chrissy Ukulele

Chrissy is an international performer and Kanile'a Ukulele endorsed artist, singer/songwriter, film composer, and educator. She has headlined festivals including the Melbourne Ukulele Festival and The Gaithersburg Ukulele Festival.

The Ukulele Teacher

Hello, it's me...The Ukulele Teacher

Rachel Manke

Rachel Manke began playing the uke in 1999, in preparation of Y2K, when we were all supposed to become nomads following a complete technology meltdown. Well, alright, that was silly. Still, it turned out to be a good decision.

Ray Cygrymus

Ray Cygrymus has taught elementary school music for over thirty years, most recently specializing in ukulele instruction in the classroom. He has lived in the Pittsburgh area his entire life, and attended Duquesne University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, with an emphasis on voice. 


A Vaudeville inspired act, Mim combines elements of circus, novelty, and forgotten favorites! Expect the unexpected! Her show is a high-energy, smile inducing set that takes the audience along on a musical journey that will have them laughing and singing along! She always brings something new to the stage with a fresh group of songs, jokes, and tricks every season.

Amber Rozel

Amber Rozel has been teaching musicians of all ages for over 20 years. She has been making the magic happen on ukulele for 5 years and recently  received the coveted Level 3 Teachers Certificate from the JHUI program. She performs with regional orchestras, the Bay Chamber Players, her (new!) band Evergreen Road, and with anyone that wants to have fun.

Melissa Nannen

Melissa Nannen has been creating music since the age of 5 through a variety of means and finally found her perfect instrument in the ukulele during a cold, snowy winter in 2014.  She has been writing original songs since she was 15 on her guitar, but found the ukulele took her songwriting and playing abilities into uncharted territory. 

Curt Sheller

Curt Sheller's primary focus since 2003 has been performing jazz and contemporary music using the ukulele as his principal instrument, as well as presenting workshops and performing at various ukulele festivals throughout the year. 

Debi Velasco Dancing

Debi first saw Hawaiian dance (hula) in the late seventies. I loved the variety of dances that the girls did and how graceful they were. I never dreamed I would be dancing with them but one time I saw them dancing while sitting on the floor and that was it! If you can sit and dance, I want to try it!

The Steel City Ukuleles

The Steel City Ukes Little Band is an ensemble made up of members of the Steel City Ukes. 

The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective

The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective is a Ukulele enthusiast club based in the Altoona-State College, PA region. The Allegheny Ukes have existed in various incarnations since 2010 where we jammed on college campuses, the local YMCA, and in cafes. The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have a Jam nearly every Sunday of every month.

Arc of Blair County Ukulele Club

The Arc of Altoona Ukulele Club is small but might! We play and sing together every other Tuesday, and we rejoice in finding songs that give maximum fun while using the fewest chords. 

Ed Smith

Ed works in Human Resources Information Technology and has been playing music since he was young, He has played piano, guitar, and ukulele over the years, recently returning to music via his daughter learning ukulele.