Heidi Swedberg

Heidi Swedberg was born in Hawaii, the youngest in a family of of four girls where music was a regular part of family life. Singing at church, in the car or around the piano are her most treasured memories. When she was 5 years old the Easter Bunny left ukuleles for all four Swedberg girls, and she has played one ever since. Her family relocated to New Mexico, where she grew up in suburban Albuquerque.

Her love of literature led her to acting, and she studied at the University of New Mexico before moving to Kentucky to study as an acting apprentice and costume intern at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville.  While there, she was cast in her first film, Norman Jewison’s “In Country”, launching a 20+ year career in film and television. Having children re-focused her life. Singing and playing ukulele with them brought her so much joy that she found herself drifting away from auditions and into the classroom. Teaching led to recording which led to performing.

Collaborating with Daniel Ward opened vast musical doorways. Heidi enjoys sharing music with all ages. She especially loves performing in schools, museums and libraries, which she considers the saviors of the universe.