How would you like to write an anti-love anthem like Taylor Swift? Deliver a burn song like Justin Bieber? Or revel in the pain of longing like Bob Marley? This workshop will open your mind to the spectrum of love songs from empowerment to revenge! Learn how to craft a tone for your song, pick a topic, and come up with buzzwords for your lyrics, basic rhyme schemes, song structure, and chords! This is a very hands-on approach to songwriting where you will write a song together as a group. An understanding of basic music theory is recommended for this workshop. 

Skill Levels

  • Novice: A student who perhaps has never picked up a ukulele before.
  • Beginner: A student at this level is brand-new to the ukulele. He/she has perhaps learned one to three chords but stops in-between chord changes to move the fingers to the next location.
  • Advanced/Confident Beginner: A student at this level knows a handful of chords and can move from one chord to another without pausing. Student may have trouble with, say, the B-flat chord shape. Student has learned a strum or two and/or a finger pattern for picking.
  • Intermediate: A student can hold a steady rhythm and is competent with a variety of basic chords. Understands simple chord progressions, can sing and strum at the same time, and learns chords to simple tunes fairly quickly.
  • Advanced: A student at this level can hear I, IV, and V chords, has mastered some chord inversions, knows there is life above the fifth fret, and has been there with barre or 4-fingered closed chords. Plays lead and backup easily with others and keeps steady rhythm.
Sun, 4/28 10:00 AM
Allegheny Room
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